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Les agents immobiliers et les gestionnaires de locations de vacances qui gèrent des locations à court terme et de vacances et des biens locatifs à court terme.

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  • Version d'essai gratuite Non
  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
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    Mobile (Android natif)
  • Formation Formation en ligne en direct
  • Ressources d'aide Support en horaire de bureau
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Informations sur l'éditeur

  • http://www.genkan.com.au/
  • Fondé en 2008

En savoir plus sur GENKAN

Genkan est une solution complète basée sur le Cloud pour la gestion des locations de vacances à court terme et de l'immobilier de vacances. La solution intègre tous les outils nécessaires, tels que le marketing par e-mail et SMS, la gestion des stocks, la comptabilité fiduciaire, l'enquête, les passerelles de paiement, les inspections dans une solution logicielle en temps réel. Elle est multilingue et multi devises. Genkan élimine le besoin d'acheter plusieurs progiciels qui, combinés, n'atteignent ni les fonctionnalités ni la productivité globale de Genkan.


GENKAN - Fonctionnalités

  • Automatisation du marketing
  • CRM
  • Carte de fidélité
  • Comptabilité intégrée
  • Gestion de la maintenance
  • Gestion des employés
  • Intégration GDS et OTA
  • Location saisonnière
  • Point de vente (PDV)
  • Prise en charge de plusieurs établissements
  • Propriété unique
  • Réservation en ligne
  • Séjour prolongé
  • Traiteurs
  • Base de données de propriétaires
  • Base de données des locataires
  • Biens commerciaux
  • Calcul des pénalités de retard
  • Facturation
  • Gestion de l'impôt
  • Gestion de la maintenance
  • Gestion de site web
  • Gestion des assurances
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des frais
  • Gestion des portefeuilles
  • Gestion locative
  • Portail des locataires
  • Portail des propriétaires
  • Propriétés résidentielles
  • Suivi des locations
  • Suivi des logements inoccupés
  • Traitement des paiements
  • Vérification de crédit
  • Avis et notes des clients
  • Base de données de biens
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des fournisseurs
  • Gestion des frais et des commissions
  • Gestion des leads
  • Gestion des ordres de travail
  • Gestion des réservations
  • Gestion des tâches ménagères
  • Relevés de propriétaires
  • Traitement des paiements
  • CRM
  • Gestion des promotions
  • Gestion des réservations de chambres
  • Gestion des taux
  • Notes de réservation
  • Réservation d'activités
  • Réservation de tiers
  • Réservations de groupe
  • Support client

Avis les plus utiles sur GENKAN

Genkan Property Management - an all in one package

Publié le 31/01/2014
Helen T.
Boss Lady
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
3 / 5
Support client
Rapport qualité-prix

Commentaires: Having tried 4 property management software programs over the past 7 years of operating my business is was an absolute blessing to find ONE programme that was dedicated to the management of Holiday Homes. As this is a very different business model to hotels, Bed and Breakfast, motels or holiday parks...there was nothing on the market that ticked all the boxes for individual property owners, housekeeping management, maintenance management, bookings, automation of communication, and most importantly ACCOUNTS!! All other PMS software on the market seemed to be real estate based, or hotel based, but nothing that sung out for all aspects of our industry of Holiday Home Accommodation. I have only just scratched the surface with the available functionality with this programme, so I am looking at the growth ahead with some great relief, in the knowledge that both the system and my business will evolve together. The only thing that I personally would have loved to have from the system is a printable manual (or a separate disk) so that during the learning and setup stage I could have had a reference manual 'on hand' which took me step by step through the process of getting set up and up and running. I found that by having youtube video, help button, messenger, and phone support all a bit disjointed for 'me'. and confusing as some of the 'help button' information was out of date or not there (obviously functionality has been added along the way but not all the 'help' added with it)......some others may have found that the process of setup and training easier, but for me (as I work alone) I found it hard. I needed something with a step by step, hand holding... more a Genkan for Dummies approach!! Other than that. LOVE this software and I have renewed vigor and enthusiasm for my business and the future ahead, because of Genkan.

Wonderful to have reservations & trust accounting in the one system- We love it!

Publié le 02/09/2015
Joyce J.
Business Owner
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
4 / 5
Support client
Rapport qualité-prix

Commentaires: Our business moved from 2 systems (reservation & trust accounting) to the one with Genkan. This was a huge project for us to embark on having to move bookings, payments, users, fifty properties etc , from 2 systems to one. It was (as expected), a very bumpy road for us at the start. It was difficult to grasp the method in which Genkan collates & processes information entered at setup level , and how this is applied later on at a working / operational level and in sync with how our booking agency operates.
Two months down the track and we are loving it! It has been fantastic having the reservations and trust accounting all in the one spot. We can now appreciate the difficult setup time and how this enables the system to work seamlessly. Alot of our processes are now automated which is FANTASTIC! We may be looking at taking some more properties on our portfolio as a result of this. It may be to too soon to tell, but at this stage we think the system (and new Genkan website that came with it) may be generating more bookings for us.
We had a training mananger that trained us each week for about six weeks which was invaluable. If we did this again with the knowledge that we have now, I would suggest to Genkan that they set out to gain more information on the new client in how the agency is setup etc and perhaps have their development team do some of the setting up as part of the overall service. Although we are somewhat technically savvy- I would think that for those who are not, the setup could become daunting without the adequate support

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