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Easy end-to-end encryption for emails and files. Seamless email encryption, powerful access control, and unparalleled security built for the enterprise and easy enough for everyone.

With Virtru Secure User-First Technology, users anywhere, on any device, can work the way they do today without requiring a separate log-in, user interface, or application. No software install necessary - works for Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook, and Microsoft365.


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Free way to easily encrypt emails for confidentiality

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 09/01/2019
Amy B.
Psychologie, Auto-entrepreneur
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Avantages: Free
I feel safe knowing my data transmission is secure
Easy to use on a desktop
App has easy way to switch encryption on/off

Inconvénients: -Cannot be used on the Mail app on Macs, must login to your email provider (e.g.: gmail) to be able to use. Similarly for phones, you must use the VSEE app separate from your mail app.
-As with most email encryption services, can be a pain for the person on the receiving end to verify they are who they are.

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